The Legends of The Seelbach

There is a rich history within the walls of the Seelbach Hilton. Explore this luxury hotel and learn of notorious guests, superstitious architecture, a famed ghost, and more.

Welcome to the Seelbach Hilton

Get to know hotel treasure Larry Johnson, Historian and Master Concierge, as he introduces you to the famous Seelbach Hilton and recounts his favorite celebrity guests.

The High-Stakes Heist

Hear the riveting story of an unsolved Kentucky Derby Day heist as told by Historian and Master Concierge, Larry Johnson.

The Great Wedding

Travel to the Grand Ballroom, home to the Great Wedding and inspiration for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, ‘The Great Gatsby’.

What is a Rathskeller?

Explore this hidden treasure and learn of the hotel’s superstitious ornaments. The hotel’s famous Bavarian-style Rathskeller was completed in 1907 and is truly one of a kind.

Jay Gatsby:
A Kentucky Bootlegger?

What happens when an author and a bootlegger walk into a bar? Find out in the Rathskeller.

The USO at the Rathskeller

Watch as Larry Johnson explains how the famous Rathskeller became a popular local hangout for military soldiers from nearby Camp Taylor.

The Seelbach Suite

From United States Presidents to touring rock stars, The Seelbach Suite has been home to many renowned guests.

A Gentleman's Club

Did you know the Seelbach Hotel was once host to a Gentlemen’s Billiards Club? Learn all about the bygone privileges of being a gentleman in this luxury hotel.

Who is the Lady in Blue

Does the Seelbach Hotel have ghosts? Some certainly think so. Learn about the famed “Lady in Blue” and other supernatural spirits.

Al Capone at the Seelbach

Al Capone, the legendary mobster, would visit The Seelbach whenever traveling through Louisville. Watch as Larry Johnson describes the hotel’s high-stakes poker games, elaborate escape tunnels and the hotel’s most notorious guests.