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In the News

The Seelbach and ‘The Great Gatsby’

"The Great Gatsby" by author F. Scott Fitzgerald is a literary classic that portrays the roaring 1920s, documenting American prosperity following the First World War.

As a young Army officer, Fitzgerald was stationed at Louisville's Camp Taylor in 1918 and often visited the Seelbach Hotel. Legend has it that Fitzgerald first began writing the novel on cocktail napkins from the hotel's Old Seelbach Bar.

The Seelbach is proud and honored to play a distinctive cameo in the story with the hotel's Grand Ballroom serving as the backdrop for the wedding of notable characters Tom and Daisy Buchanan.

Recently, it was announced that a remake of the 1974 movie adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" is in the works. The remake is set to star Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. The following is a collection of news clips documenting the remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald's beloved novel as well as the hotel's association with what is widely known as the Great American Novel.

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